Frequently Asked Questions

Quote and Payment Process

How long does it take to receive a quote?
Your business is important to us. All quotes are generally emailed to you within two business days after we receive your submission. Some situations will warrant additional information which we will request from you, but typically, especially for residential projects, our quote request system gathers everything necessary to genearate your quote.

How long does the quote process take?
If you have all the information available, our applications should take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete online.

How can i pay for my policy?
Most of our policies are directly billed to you from the insurance company. For situations where that is not the case, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) can be used to satisfy your premium payment directly to the our agency.

When will I receive my policy?
We can bind and order you policy to be issued as soon as you have authorized us to do so. Your policy will be sent to you immediately afterwards via email. There are situations where commercial policies will take longer to generate, but an Evidence of Coverage form will always be immediately availabe.


How can I obtain a Certificate or Evidence of Insurance?
After you have made a purchase, you may request a Certficate of Insurance and/or Evidence of Insurance.

What is the differnece between a Certificate of Insurance and an Evidence of Property Insurance?

  • A Certifcate of Insurance form is used to show its holder infomration about your liability insurance coverage. This is typically the form requested by your customers to verify that your business operation is insured.
  • An Evidence of Property Insurance form is used to show its holder infomration about your property insurance coverage. This is typically the form a lender will require in order to verify their collateral is insured.

Builders Risk

What is Builders Risk Insurance?
Builders Risk Insurance is a form of property insurance. It covers a structure in the event of physical damage due to a covered peril. Covered perils include causes of loss such as fire, lightning, vandalism and others as specificied in your policy. Optionally, coverage for Earthquake is avaialable.

What type of projects can be insured?
We provide Builders Risk insurance for three broad categories of projects:

  • New Commercial Construction
  • New Residential Construction
  • Commercial Rennovations

Policy Cancellation

Will I receive a refund if my policy is canceled early?
This varies by policy type and in some cases, by the insurance company providing the coverage. Builders Risk policies issued for single-family homes and condos are considered to be 'one-time shot' policies and are fully earned with no refund. Commercial projects are typically insured on policies that can be canceled early with a refund of the unearned premium available; however, this is not always the case.